The Edge of Compassion Workshop


Location: Region 3 Behavioral Health Services (4009 6th Ave., Suite 65, Kearney, NE)

Registration: Please register by April 17 by emailing Tiffany Gressley at

Fee: No cost to attend

Title: The Edge of Compassion: Staying Well While Working in High Stress, Trauma-Exposed Environments

 What is the sweet spot between caring too much and not caring at all? 

We now have over two decades of research demonstrating that working in high stress, trauma-exposed professions, such as behavioral health, carries risk to the care provider, individuals and as teams. What can professionals do to protect themselves and their teams from work, while still remaining effective and compassionate?

Using the most recent research in the field, this new training that builds upon the basic compassion fatigue training will explore assumptions about compassion fatigue and secondary trauma, the organizational and personal barriers that professionals face in their daily lives, and offer new and creative approaches to transforming these occupational hazards. 

Space is limited; advanced registration is required.